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Naini Lake Water Level Dips by 18 ft

Nainital Lake water level falls by 18 ft. Please watch this program with Prof. Manohar Khushalani on National Television regarding the serious water crisis facing the world

Pakistan floods reveal deep-rooted problems

Co-operation with countries in the Indus basin for building storage dams, flood control installations and power generation stations will help Pakistan. Santosh Kumar Manohar Khushalani The floods in Pakistan may have abated but the...

Pakistan – From Floods to Fiasco

The floods in Pakistan now show signs of abating but the havoc caused by them will continue to mount.  It is too early to measure even the immediate losses of lives or property, both...

State Wise Water Resources Situation in India

by Mallika Garg Sustainable development and efficient management of water is an increasingly complex challenge in India. Increasing population, growing urbanization, and rapid industrialization, combined with the need for raising agricultural production, generates competing...