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Let’s talk about ‘recovery’ in mental health

This weekly series, much like the writer behind it, is dedicated to the idea of ‘recovery’ . It brings together an experience of engagement with the field for nearly three decades, of which the last decade (2010-2020) is spent exclusively on the idea of researching about ‘recovery’ or whether it is viable for a vast majority of people.

Film Shooting for Purnima Florence Nightingale

Careers in Film Making / Radio

Concepts prospective students should know about Film and Radio and the level to which they should be prepared in Education.
Industry recognized the job role that the students should be prepared for. Earlier the stress has been on heavy equipment such as heavy cameras cranes Linear Editors like Steinback everything has been aimed for Delivery to Multiplexes. Drones are Replacing Cranes. As Video and Audio storage became digital, cameras became lighter. The tripods are therefore lighter. You no longer need Heavy Steadycams. Now the trend is shifting totally towards web based shows which don’t need a giant projector but rather a digital platform for screening.