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Beacons of Spiritual Light

by Sunil Sarpal  BHAI AND BHAV This is a very sensitive subject.   ‘BHAI’ (dar) stands for ‘fear’ from God and ‘BHAV’ (bhavna) stands for Love for God.  Since  God is all-pervading, one should always do his...

Some people live as if they’re already dead…

If one enters into the archetype of Easter, viewing the Resurrection story as great mytho-poetry, there is no conflict with scientific paradigms and language games. It’s only when religions assert their propositional truth (ex. the creationist dogma), literally that they embark on a collision course with science.

Saint Tukaram

The Kirtan of Sant Tukaram Part 4 / Capt. Arun Karkare

Tukaram fully realized that it was very difficult for a common and ordinary mortal in street to sit down and spend some time in prayers on a daily basis. The usual struggle to earn one’s living took all the energy and time leaving very little to spare to think of God even if one had the desire to do so. The great saint found the easiest way out from the tricky situation. In his kirtans and bhajans he gave a very clear message” we all mortals must feel, think and see ……

Sant Tukaram

The Kirtan of Sant Tukaram Part 3 / Capt. Arun Karkare

Sant Tukaram ‘s life time work.
Tukram was born in a rich family. He began his life like all we mortals do but he soon realized that the material comforts and money had very limited role to play in uplifting the Atma,“Soul “ living in the Deh(humanbody) to help attend ultimate goal ,Moksha,”State of ultimate bliss” explained The great saint found the way forward through teachings of Dyneshwar to uplift the humanity from the 3Ds Despair, Delusion ,Depressionand other fall outs such as other 3Mohas mainly Kama, Krodha, & Lobha meaning Lust ,Anger & Greed