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Dr. (Miss) Yougindra Khushalani

Essays on the Concept: “RIGHT TO LIVE” / Homage to Yougindra Khushalani

life is not simply the antithesis of death, but rather a period of time during which every human being should be able to develop fully in dignity and in enjoyment of the respect of others. This was the profound conviction, imbued with humanity and solidarity with the most vulnerable among us, that inspired Yougindra Khushalani, an eminent Indian lawyer and Vice President of the Association of International Consultants on Human Rights (CID)

The Choice / Vanisha Uppal

The most difficult family member and the adorable one both influence our lives in some way. We adopt some qualities of each one of them, which quality? Is an individual choice.

Madness as a Construct / Raj Ayyar

So often, esp. in South Asia and elsewhere, madness is seen as a stigma, a permanent condition of an unfortunate few that are not ‘normal’. ‘Madness’ as a construct, rather than a hushed-up essential...

Deviation from True Meaning of Life

What is LIFE?? A race or a peaceful walk in the woods feeling each breath as the cool breeze passes through the hairs, embracing the beauty of nature and make the most of every...