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Coronavirus and P R Sarkar’s Intuitional Science of Microvita | TOI

In the year 1986, the great spiritual master and philosopher Shri P R Sarkar aka Shri Shri Anandamurti wrote a book, “Microvita in a nutshell”. This book has a link to some viruses like coronavirus. Sarkar is of the opinion that the smallest particle of matter or an element is not an atom, electron or proton but a microvitum or microvita in the plural. Microvita exists in both physical and psychic realms. Physically they are smaller than a sub-atomic particle and in the psychic realm, they are subtler than ectoplasm. These microvita belong to three categories—positive or friendly microvita, negative or harmful microvita and neutral microvita.

The Phenomenon called Analemma

How the sun looks when you take pictures at the same place and time every week for a year……. This “8” pattern is the result of earth’s 23.5 degree tilt and its slightly elliptical...