The Infinity of Starting Points

by Suryakanthi Tripathi¬†(Former DG, ICCR and Indian Ambassador to Spain) In the beginning… What was there in the beginning and even before it? How did the beginning begin? And why? Each culture and age...

Dignity and Honour of Women

The Dignity and Honour of Women as Basic and Fundamental Human Rights / Dr. (Miss) Yougindra Khushalani

In this book attention is directed at an aspect of a human right which has always been eclipsed. The author, Late Dr. (Miss) Yougindra Khushalani, brings to light the rules that people have been enjoined to follow since time immemorial. Not merely moral precepts or suggested modes of conduct, these rules have been and are still part of international law. The book focuses on the right of women to the protection of their dignity and honour as well as to the protection against rape during armed conflict. The author describes the principle of special protection of women as part of the official codification of humanitarian law and as a peremptory norm of international law. However the book is out of print, but to arouse curiosity about this masterpiece, on a subject of Human Rights, OneVorld brings you some excerpts from the book.