The Kirtan of Sant Tukaram Part 2 / Capt. Arun Karkare



The dictionary defines it as “An event due to supernatural agency”. It could be a remarkable event or object. Dyneshwar maharaj simplified the definition of Miracle for the confused humanity at large and showed the way to we mortals to see and feel God’s miracles. The great saint’s writings explained to his followers and devotees the simplest and easiest way to see and feel miracles during their journey of life . He said “ You need to purify your mind to the highest level by surrendering at Vitthal’s feet and dedicating every daily karma to HIM. Leave the fruits and end result to HIS wishes. Only then you will see and feel Miracles happening around you “ One has to achieve this supreme state as early as possible in one’s life time. Tukaram maharaj further simplified the path by singing Bhjans and conducting Kirtans and writing wonderful ‘Dohe”( two liners )which one can recite silently while doing karmas.

Feeling & seeing miracles means being with God for sure. I can vouch that I have felt at least four miracles and seen two miracles where I distinctly felt the presence of a superpower around me in those very serious situations in my life of 80 summers!

  Innumerable examples of miracles

To start with we mortals are the supreme example of God’s miracle. Followed by creation of mother Earth , Solar system and the infinite Universe. Somewhere due to unprecedented progress of scientific and technological knowledge of Mankind seems to have eclipsed the God’s miracles around us and we mortals have started to lose faith in our creator –GOD. Dyneshwar perhaps sensed this centuries ago and kept the remedy for our salvation as such.

Today , Corona –covid 19 pandemic has brought back all of us to our senses ! We, mortals are once again searching peace , safety , salvation and relief from this devil. The whole world has come to a standstill ,totally helpless and utterly confused. At this point of time ,I have a question to all those who are ‘Nastic –non believers in God and his work “. Such people always say “ No one has ever seen God” But then no one has seen corona virus floating around them and we fear it to our bones and we believe its existence world wide . Why? , we mortals fear it because it is killing the humanity in thousands on daily basis unabated for last one year plus. Do we need to fear God so that we may believe in his presence and existence. Then be it so , because Covid 19 is also his creation to teach us all a lesson of our life time . Why not ?

Ultimate Truth

Every thing originates from Lord Vitthal and every thing ends at his feet believed the great Saints such as Dyneshwar, Tukaram , Namdev, Eknath so many other greats. We all need to surrender our thoughts and mind at his feet as early in life as possible. Do not waste precious time given to us.

 Presence & Belief

“God’s presence is to be felt ,seen or felt & seen by we mortals” is what the great saint Dyneshwar worked in his shot life of 22 yrs before took the live Samadhi at Alandi near Pune in Maharashtra. Our capability for awareness and ability to see things helps us in this matter. But we need to be alert towards God’s presence and appreciate miracles around us. It is truly and widely believed that Vitthal( God) used to attend every kiran /bajan of his great disciple Namdev maharaj and in turn Namdevji could feel God’s presence and see the radiant form of the Lord , But others could not as they were not pure enough yet to see the miracles! Almost every one of us, use very common phrases such as ;

 “ God has been kind to me or us or them. “

 “He /She came in the nick of time to help out just like an Angle sent by God”

 Oh! It was a Godly intervention that saved her/his life .

 Oh! my God! is very common phrase used in daily conversation but grossly misued /misplaced and utterly meaningless too.

 Doctor’s special “Now, only God can save her/him”

 Typical condolence message ,”May God bless his/her soul with eternal peace in the heaven”

 A common condolence message to a grieving family,” we pray to Almighty God to give you all the strength to overcome this irreplaceable and untimely loss “

I am sure there are many such short lines used in all the languages where God is evoked, quoted or perhaps remembered inadvertently to accept that only superpower’s help or timely intervention saved the situation or gave desired results!

Dyneshwar and Tukaram worked towards eradication this human weakness or shall we say reluctance or ignorance of we mortals to believe in HIS omnipresence ,

Sant Tukaram ‘s life time work.

( Expressed as understood by this mortal)

Tukram was born in a rich family. He began his life like all we mortals do but he soon realized that the material comforts and money had very limited role to play in uplifting the Atma,“Soul “ living in the Deh(humanbody) to help attend ultimate goal ,Moksha,”State of ultimate bliss” explained The great saint found the way forward through teachings of Dyneshwar to uplift the humanity from the 3Ds Despair, Delusion ,Depressionand other fall outs such as other 3Mohas mainly Kama, Krodha, & Lobha meaning Lust ,Anger & Greed.

 I presume that by now , most of us and the humanity at large are well aware about the shortcomings and weaknesses mentioned above, but most of us find ourselves helpless and drifting directionless even if some of us want to pull ourselves out of the rut and up lift our soul for all round betterment of it.

Meaning of “MANDIR” ( Temple)

In Sant Tukaram’s words he defined it, M for Mamata, DI for Dvyata and R for Ramata as in Hindi /Marathi . In english it means Love ,Brightness and Involvement


Every Kirtankar starts his/her Kirtan by singing the famous Bhajan penned down by Sant Tukarm .In Marathi language it is titled as “ Roop Pahata Lochani—– “ . Roop means beautiful face of Lord Vitthal , Pahata means on seeing and Lochani meaning eyes. Kirtankar evokes the Lord as to how inspiring it is for him to see God’s beautiful murti with his eyes. (I would request you to hear at least one Kirtan that comes on ZEE –TALKIES channel every day –Mon to Saturday at 6 Pm. So that you could link with these articles.

TUKARAM’s study of Human Mind & Behavior.

The great saint first decided to study human mind and its intricacies and behavior pattern of we mortals before writing his teachings and conducting kirtans . He soon realized that most fragile thing in this world is ‘Human Mind” and it was imperative as well as prudent to master the art of understanding and handling the Human Mind . He developed one of his blessings “Amrut vani’(ability to address all with equal love and affection) to perfection . People would simply go in trance and felt blessed during and after hearing Tukaram’s recitation of his Abhang , Bahjan and Dohe .

Instead of asking ourselves “ Mai Kya Karu” ask “Mai Dusaro Kye liye kya kar Sakta Hu? . We must try our best as to how not to hurt the fragile mind of any human being by our karmas .


We mortals are totally confused when we try to understand “Karma/Fruit relationship. Tukaram was very clear about it and several other great saints who followed him . They all agree that every white or good Karma or black or bad Karma is reflected back towards the doer with the fruit or the result of the karma . If during the time lag between karmas done and fruits gotten the doer may change his/her human body ( He or she dies and takes another (birth)Janam) In such a case the fruit or the result catches up with the new body but same soul who did the Karma. It all means that system of check & balances continue till we attend Moksha. Please think on this theory seriously because it is the ultimate truth which Tukaram has tried to bring to us. The proof of this is seen when we see people getting god rewards and bad rewards during their life time. I do not want to name persons but there are ample examples around where a very well to do person has everything but no children, bad health , bad luck. We also learn a beggar , or a driver or a poor person suddenly winning a million rupee lottery! The stories can go on till the cows come home. We need to fully trust and understand Tukaram’s sayings and teachings. and eventually try to instill those qualities , practices and principles .

Story of Swami Vivekananda

Great men and women show their good qualities very early in their lives. Once as a small boy , Vivekanandji was playing with a group of boys in a garden. Suddenly ,the wind started blowing hard and a nearby tree fell close the group . A boy was injured seriously but in panic all the boys fled leaving Vivekananda alone with the injured boy. Vivekananda did not lose his cool but helped the injured friend till the medical help arrived to take the injured boy for further treatment. Vivekanada then went to meet the parents of the boy and explained that it was act of God and not the fault of the boy. These are qualities of great souls.


There is a vast difference between Trust and Ultimate Trust . When we say” I have trust in God” perhaps what we may mean is Trust may or may not be unshakable! Whereas, when we say “I have ultimate trust in God” we definitely mean that I unconditionally and gracefully accept whatever is the end result of my Karma . Tukaram had ultimate trust in Vitthal . A story from the great Epic Mahabharata will clear the matter ;

“ When Pandavas lost everything in the gambling game with their cousins Kowravas ,the thing Pandavs could bet was Dropadi ( wife of Pandavas ). In sheer arrogance, Dushant ( one of the Kowravas) dragged Dropadi into the open public view to shamed Pandav brothers. Dropadi expected her husbands ( She had 5 brave Pandavas as her husbands)to come her rescue and save he dignity and honor . None of them stood up nor came forward to resist and stop Dushant from going ahead with bad intensions . Dropadi was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna(Another form of Vitthal). She cried out for help “ Krishna please rush and help me “ When she was crying loud and high she held out her right hand looking upwards while she struggled with her left hand to hold her sari trying her best to save her modesty. Nothing happened ,till in her absolute desperation she lifted her left hand upwards praying for God’s intervention . And it happened at the very instant !God sent down endless length of sari which Dushant kept on pulling hoping to disrobe the great devotee of Krishna, Dropadi!

The moral of the story for we mortals is to have ultimate ( total & unconditional ) trust in God and do our karmas leaving the fruits or result to HIM.

Following passages are my thoughts based on the way I have adopted Dyneshwar’s and Tukaram’s teachings . (You may agree / not agree )


Our common mistake is when things go wrong , against our wishes or not as per plan our Ultimate trust changes into Trust or perhaps seriously shaken . Is it not ? ,otherwise we will not be mortals . Fate / destiny is the result of our karmas . Even God could not escape it. The great wheel of ETERNITY is moving for infinite time and so it will for infinite future times too. Tukram found the answer during his life time not only for himself but for entire humanity. The great saint had implicit faith in VItthal . His life time work on Abahngs / Dohe / Bhajan was dumped in the river Chandrabhaga by jealous and hypocrite Brahmin samaj. Yet the written books did not get damaged by water of the river and were salvaged by the villagers. Karma of Tukaram was too pure and godly to be destroyed !

We need to accept fruits and results of our karmas , doings , actions , reactions and our thoughts too.


Anyone who stands for others in their needs and works selflessly for humanity , does good karmas only , has sweet and affectionate words for everyone , one who takes every step for uplifting others and not for self progress only. Tukaram followed it all till God called him in his arms and blessed him with Moksha.

The greatest Karma is to return every “Bad with Good” !

 In modern times and today’s context , people will call me call me stupid and perhaps will not hesitate to criticize likes Dyneshawar /Tukaram , Vivekananda and many great men of our living times . But you cannot over look the fact that the choices we mortals make to live our lives are responsible for the results and fruits . Karmas do not occur they are made to happen by our choices /wishes /desires etc.


The Marathi word “Amrit” means Elixir and “Vani” means sound (predominantly eloquence of words or music ). In practical life , the great saint Tukaram fully understood the importance of this tool of communication with lord Vitthal as well as common man in street . He adopted mode of Amrit Vani in dealing with everyone he dealt with till his end. Every word that spoke sounded like God’s words in the ears of his devotees. The ability and mastering of Amrit Vani helped the great saint to make his Kirtans , Bhajans and Abhangs an experience of eternal bliss for all those who gathered to hear him and listen to his words for salvation of the soul of a mortal .The magnetic power of his voice attracted the famous founder & ruler of Swaraj ,Shri. Shivaji Raje who attended his kirtans in the disguise of a common farmer!

Amrit Vani helps us to do only good karmas , heal the wounded hearts , give comfort , peace and tranquility to disturbed minds of millions of people suffering from various types of losses in their lives . Tukaram’s kirtans had a healing touch which was miraculous in its effects . There was all ways a definite” take away” for every person who heard him . Shivaji was motivated to the core to take up arms against the atrocities of Mogul rulers after he heard the Kirtans of the great saint.

So what is our take away from this paragraph on Amrit Vani ;

 Our words for others should not be sharp and hurting but express support in soothing tone.

 Our utterances are reflections of what we are .

 Bad words are very destructive and lead us to bad karmas.

 Right words spoken at the right time and at the right place to right person can change the course of history for the mortals. Best example is GEETA. Lord Krishna set the finest example ever to prove this point when he spoke to Arjuna at the battle field.

 We have to choose our words because they essentially convey either a lie or absolute truth !

I hope I have managed to convey the power and importance of Amrit Vani.


Tukaram maharaj realized very early in his life that control over “Mind “was the only way for the mortals to attend the final goal , Moksha. He worked like a scientist to find the exact location of Mind in human form ( Deha). He was guided by Vitthal in this karma because he dedicated every karma to the lord!. Eventually, he managed to locate the exact location of Mind and indicated so in his Kirtan . Mind is situated beyond all the organs in the human body but before the Intellect ( faculty of knowing , reasoning and understanding) component of human brain. It so right and an apt reasoning indeed in case of we mortals. This can be best explained as follow;

A person having diabetes goes for a marriage celebration dinner. His/her Mind temps him/her to have extra sweet helpings but the Intellect exercises its control and prevents the extra helpings of sweets . If the Mind beats the Intellect in us we are drawn/ sucked in dark hole of bad karmas that finally destroys us. The great saint points out the fatal mistake on part of Ravana who lost control over his Mind and kidnapped Sita . The single bad karma destroyed Lanka and Ravana .

Moral of the story for we mortals is simple ,” avoid temptations , wrong desires , jealousy, false completion , and many such pitfalls which crow our Mind on daily basis . Our Intellect must be used to control our Mind and force it and train it to good deeds.


The great saint points out a hard hitting and realistic equation between money and mortals . Money & riches takes Mortals to great heights in their life time but Alas! Mortals can’t carry the money & riches when they go up ! Money has a very small and limited role in true betterment of our mind and soul.


The great saint made a very touching observation in one of his teachings. He says ‘A mortal who did not care green of the trees and never watered them has no right to be provided with wood to be used in his pyre!


We humbly share the day with you all wonderful people

Today, 15th JAN 2021, is a land mark day for me and my beloved wife Ishwari as we complete 57 years of togetherness and eternal bliss that we got as blessings from God. Looking down the winding and twisting narrow lane of memories I can only say with all the humility that it was perhaps our past karmas that allowed us and helped us to live happily till day. We both bow down at the feet of Vitthal who guided us safely through our lives till today. Because of our utter trust in Lord Vitthal we could make it thus far . Those of you who have read my bookUncharted Waters” would be convinced for sure about my total belief in God’s presence in our lives.


There is great functional similarity between God and Electricity . We mortals can’t see them with naked eyes but you can feel their existence with a touch! The working speed of Electrical power is supposed to be 186,000miles per sec., an unimaginable mathematical figure ! God’s speed to help us is even greater if you truly surrender your mind at his feet. There are umpteen examples of such miracles experienced by saints and devotees of the Lord.


A poser that comes to my mind ,” During Covid-19 lockdown for months , we mortals locked out God in his abode of Temples, Churches and Mosques” Was HE non functional then during his long confinement ? No! we mortals who believe in HIM continued our trust and faith in HIM and we survived . Is it not? Fears of covid virus got defeated because of unshakable faith in God and man’s good karma in all parts of the world to discover vaccine . God is within us and not in any man made structure for sure. Dyneshwar and Tukaram rejected a structured image of God and instead promoted the basic concept that there is God in every heart and every heart owner has to discover HIM through his/her efforts by doing good karmas and sweet words.


The discovery of Mirror glass has profound influence on our lives . We in fact all of us star our day with a look in the mirror in the morning and also end the day similarly . It is at that moment and in our ultimate privacy we should do personal karma audit and see that we increase our good deeds ! I am driving you all towards the point of talking to yourself through visible virtual image of self .

Part 2 was completed on the Birthday of Ishwari Karkare (Capt. Karkare’s Wife) on 21st January 2021

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