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What is Paramatma?

By Sunil Sarpal Paramatma defines as Param Atma (first soul). When nothing existed, no creation, Param Atma appeared.  With his discretion, every thing was created vis 1)     Earth 2)     Ocean 3)     Sky 4)     Forests etc. etc. The evolution of...

K. P. Singh, Former CE from CWC, passes away.

Known to have an ever smiling countenance, Shri K.P.Singh, Former Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission, passed away on 21st of April due to Covid. He leaves behind his son, daughter-in-law and grandson. Shri K...

Sant Tukaram

The Kirtan of Sant Tukaram Part 3 / Capt. Arun Karkare

Sant Tukaram ‘s life time work.
Tukram was born in a rich family. He began his life like all we mortals do but he soon realized that the material comforts and money had very limited role to play in uplifting the Atma,“Soul “ living in the Deh(humanbody) to help attend ultimate goal ,Moksha,”State of ultimate bliss” explained The great saint found the way forward through teachings of Dyneshwar to uplift the humanity from the 3Ds Despair, Delusion ,Depressionand other fall outs such as other 3Mohas mainly Kama, Krodha, & Lobha meaning Lust ,Anger & Greed