By Sunil Sarpal

This is the most important subject in the life of a human being.  A man’s mind is often engrossed in the thought process as to what and why the other said.  Do I deserve such comments or behaviour.  What wrong did I do that I have to bear the burnt of that ignominious situation.  We keep pondering over such thoughts and never find a solution to it.  Why should we waste our prestigious time in such useless exercise.  When a barking dog keep honking, do we indulge in a counter attack.  NO.  

Pondering over negativity is just a waste of time.  The meaning of life is to move on.  

On the contrary, if we keep on doing introspection of ourselves, we figure out that from ages we carry so many negativity in our lives.  Bad habits, bad attitude but we toe the path relentlessly.  

Have we ever thought of eradicating them from our lives ?  What have we achieved in toeing the path.  NOTHING.  

Let me take a fresh guard in my life, putting aside all anomalies.  

When we wash our body and clothes daily, why cannot we wash our heart as well.  

Why so many wars taking in the world, one after the other.  Because people are not peace loving but their mind is cluttered with revenge.  People expect that their life of thinking should always prevail.  Hell with what happens to the other side.  

Since we do not see God in others, devil habits prevail upon our mind and keep polluting us time and again.  

As love breeds love, same way, animosity breeds animosity and this process one day takes the form of a war between two nations.  

The root cause of the problem lies in INTROSPECTION.  

Unless we keep a check on our thoughts, actions and reaction in sync with what it is and what it should be ,  we keep on committing one error over the other.  

The situation calls for INTROSPECTION.  

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