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By Sunil Sarpal This is the most important subject in the life of a human being.  A man’s mind is often engrossed in the thought process as to what and why the other said. ...

God Realisation

By Sunil Sarpal God is great.  He is omni-present.  He is the embodiment of mercy for mankind.  His grace never vanishes.  It is our own karmas which bring a number of problems in our...

Ram Chandra ji: What is my Real Address

You ask me how to know my real address . In the scriptural language I might say , ” My address shall be known to you when you have realised yourself . ” But I shall prefer to reply it as , ” When you become only myself . ” That means you must begin seeing me in you automatically , not purposely ; or when the very same condition gets created in you , then alone shall you be able to know my real address . All this shall come to pass through the practice of meditation .
You ask me to tell you about the natural state of mind , matter and spirit .
Herein the devotee , the prophet and the Lord do not come into cognition and the trinity vanishes altogether

Maple Tree Farm | Currylines – Caroline’s

Mapletree farm has rapidly risen to considerable proportions in a short span of 3 years and plans not to stop until it conquers the entire country with its principles and converts as much of the land as possible, into ethically farmed regions, which as we all know, is definitely the need of the hour.

How to construct a Water Harvesting Pit | Jalam Jeevam

Ground water is one of the important sources of water in urban areas. With increasing urbanization, underground water has been indiscriminately exploited, causing depletion in water table and water availability. It is very evident...