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The Choice / Vanisha Uppal

The most difficult family member and the adorable one both influence our lives in some way. We adopt some qualities of each one of them, which quality? Is an individual choice.

No Vegetables

My Favourite Food | Vanisha Uppal

Now, if you eat home food half-heartedly and outside food with joy, it is like that you feed bad soldiers and become extra friendly to them. On the other hand, you don’t enjoy the company of good soldiers. Never appreciate and encourage them.
Banni does not want to hear any bad words about her favourite foods but what to say? She started looking outside the window.

The Oil Pots on the Head / Vanisha Uppal

Vishnu, again bragging about his success. God congratulated him and then asked, “How many times did you remember me in the middle of this job?” Narad realized not even once.

I loved this story, and read it again and again. The daily struggle involves us in such a way that we don’t realize when the day started and when it got an end. There was no doubt left in me that this simple thing is not so simple “To relax in the middle of our daily responsibilities”. And relationship worries steal away the remaining peace of our mind. It got crystal clear in my head that it demands efforts to be effortless.

Tale of a Courageous Single Mother / Vanisha Uppal

Since my daughter was born, my life completely changed like most of the females in India. I gained much weight yet I was weak from inside. I did my best for my child and family. In the middle of it, it was usual disagreement with my husband, no closeness, and difficult to communicate, that made the life bad to worse.

A Paid Job – Vanisha Uppal

  Ms. Manushri Chhilar won the international title of Ms World 2017 by answering the question “Which occupation do you think should be the highest paid?” She answered “A mother and a housewife at...