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Niti Aayog’s Report on Water Scarcity in India

Prof. Manohar Khushalani appeared Live, as a Panelist in the Lok Sabha TV Program INSIGHT on, Monday, 18th June 2018 at 1 pm and again at 4 pm. The discussions were on Niti Aayog’s report, titled ‘Composite Water Management Index’ (CWMI). An intense and productive discussion was held on issues confronting the nation concerning the water crisis in India and the world. Dr. T. Haque, from Niti Ayog, was Khushalani’s co-panelist. Pratibimb Sharma was the Anchor of the Program

Water Action Plan 2020

This OneVorld video discusses a plan for the implementation of the conservation and management of water resources in India. Proposed By: GN Kathpalia and Rakesh Kapoor Timeline : The first national policy was created...

A look under Indus Basin in Pakistan

India has been providing unhindered access to Pakistan of 79% of Indus Basin waters as per the Indus water treaty Over 400 million acre feet of fresh water exists in Pakistan’s riverine aquifers and...