There is a vast difference between imagination
and Self-realization. Through your imagination you
may have subconscious dreams and visions of Christ
every day. But such experiences do not mean that you
are truly in touch with him. The real visitation of Jesus
is the communion with Christ Consciousness. If you
are in tune with that Christ, your whole life will change.
–Paramhansa Yogananda, “Self-Realization Magazine


May the Christmas spirit you feel not end with
today; rather may it be with you every night as you
meditate. Then in the silence of your own mind, as
you drive away all restless thoughts, Christ
Consciousness will come. If we all follow the spirit
of Jesus we shall surely experience every day his
presence within us.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s Eternal Quest”


Read one letter, Alif, the only one,
The rest you can all forget.
Let thy spirit have a cleansing
No other study for you next.

Shah Abdul Latif

In the lives of saints and mystics of the East, the claim to have derived knowledge directly from God, without scholastic training or education, is a recurrent tale. It is said that as a boy Shah Latif was sent to learn the alphabet from Akhund Nur Mahomcd Bhatti, but he refused to proceed after the first letter, Ali], to the next letter (Bai), saying that there was nothing beyond’ Alif, the One or Unity: He was then withdrawn from the school and never got any further scholastic training. This story is to be taken with a grain of salt. Long afterwards, Shah said in the above verse that has become well known.



From the depths of silence the geyser of God’s bliss
shoots up unfailingly and flows over man’s being.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, “Sayings of Yogananda”


Absolute perfection is here and now, not in some future, near or far. The secret is in action – here and now. It is your behavior that blinds you to yourself. Disregard whatever you think yourself to be and act as if you were absolutely perfect – whatever your idea of perfection may be. All you need is courage
Nisargidatt Maharaj

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