You will receive everything you need when you stop asking for what you do not need
Nisargidatt Maharaj


Coax Christ today with your songs and the devotion
of your heart, and then coax him with your deepening
Self-realization. With all the intensity of your zeal and
inner perception, merge your consciousness in the
happiness within. Forget time. When you feel joy
spreading within you, realize that Christ is hearing
your song. You are not identified with Christ if your
concentration is merely on the words. But if your joy
is singing within, Christ is listening to you.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, “Self-Realization Magazine”



The truth is, that which you want is with you all
the time, closer than hands or feet. Any moment it
may lift you above the world and personal depression.
Wait patiently for Him.
–Sri Gyanamata, “God Alone: The Life and Letters of a


Choose which habits you are going to destroy
in the New Year. Make up your mind about them
and stick to your decision. Resolve to give more time
to God: to meditate regularly every day, and on one
night each week to meditate for several hours, so that
you can feel your spiritual progress in God. Resolve
that you are going to practice Kriya Yoga regularly
and that you are going to control your appetites and
emotions. Be a master!
–Paramahansa Yogananda, “Man’s Eternal Quest”


If I don’t see you, remember I am working for
you in some other place. My seeing you all the time
will not necessarily help you. You will receive more
by meditating deeply and regularly. I am not here
only to help you in this life, but in the beyond also.
–Paramahansa Yogananda, Lecture

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