Ram Chandra ji: What is my Real Address


Real Address – Where Distinction Devotee , Prophet and Lord Vanishes

You ask me how to know my real address . In the scriptural language I might say , ” My address shall be known to you when you have realised yourself . ” But I shall prefer to reply it as , ” When you become only myself . ” That means you must begin seeing me in you automatically , not purposely ; or when the very same condition gets created in you , then alone shall you be able to know my real address . All this shall come to pass through the practice of meditation .
You ask me to tell you about the natural state of mind , matter and spirit .
Herein the devotee , the prophet and the Lord do not come into cognition and the trinity vanishes altogether .

Complete Works of Ram Chandra Volume II
P. 133 – 135
Shri Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur

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