Nature’s Aura In Your Home

As I sit with the cool morning breezes wafting across from my organic, a little over grown and lush, full garden; I cannot help wonder why most people cannot and have not allowed greenery to fill their lives and spaces.

There is zero pollution in my home although I am situated next to and in a polluted area. My back lane has tall trees and a multitude of beautiful floral creepers whose aroma fills me when I open my windows. Everyone yes everyone can grow greens in gardens, terraces, pots, tubs and containers, recycled Pots, hanging baskets and now even hydroponics.

There are homes laden with green walls where owners have banished any negative air with plants as well as magically transformed their interiors, also terraces overflowing with vegetation and blocking off unseemly adjacent buildings and kitchen gardens, in soil or in pots or even wooden crates where families can joyfully harvest their vegetable and herb requirements.

Those with space do multi-cropping, fruiting trees, crops and afore mentioned herbs and vegetables. Many terraces are filled with cascading creepers as well as so many stunning indoor plants. These are not at all complicated to grow.

Just love and a little effort and the intent to transform your space health and life. Layering and also placing plants at various levels and creating green walls are really a very contemporary fashionable interior trends.

Either way its a win win. Just a beautiful tree surrounded by ground cover or trailing plants and florals can be a master centre-piece, or surrounded by pots or a raised bed to sit.

As a designer I view all from the aesthetic or beauty point of view. Yes practicalities go hand in hand. But its so easy to beautify and energize your environment. Its also important not to have only the passé notion of over cut manicured gardens.

Let plants proliferate. They sing their song . Make your compost, use cut grass and fallen dry and green leaves to fill your beds to act as mulch. Not only would it look like a natural forest bed but would work wonders for all plants as well as reduce tremendously the water needs.The future will require us all to rethink about what we grow and how we cultivate. I would love to see more perennial lush and natural gardens or terraces filled with plants flowers that fill all our lives.

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Neera Nath

Neera Nath, super creative, passionate artist, designer painter and animal earth lover. Sensual, sensory addict. Music, art, food, design, interiors, gardens and life, all fascinate her. Spiritual & Indo-French at heart Punjabi by soul. Four decades in design and many more spent living and loving wholeheartedly. On a quest for much more

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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Radhika says:

    Very nice! Lovely ideas. Greening our environment is the need of the hour.

  2. Avatar V B Batra. says:

    beautiful home.mine is full of lush green .of course I am in the it is much easier in October,everything is starting to bloom

  3. Avatar Yoginder Kumar Sharma says:

    The word “Ever Green” suggests the importance of greens in our life. As people have to live in flats these times, they miss enjoying the greenery they used to grow in their backyards. The write up rightly and beautifully brings out the joy associated with having greenery in our homes.

  4. Avatar Shikha Nayak says:

    yes i like greenery . my house is full of plants

  5. Avatar D K Sharma says:

    Great Gesture by the Architect & sending us a reminder very softly & passionately to pay attention to Lush green flowery ambience . Indeed more & more should join this interior green revolution of not only Exteriors but interiors too ! The images are excellent , quite inspiring