Mainu Ki!


When we pass thru a market place and come across a beggar, a weak sounds resonates the ears “Allah Ke Naam Pe De De” . Listening to this, we murmur ourselves “Mainu Ki!”. How pathetic we are and our mind-set. Cannot we share the alms the God has bestowed on us by providing with income. It is quite simple to make evasive action. What pleases God if we share something with the beggar.
We always consider ourselves “privileged” and the beggar a pathetic soul. In general, we do not like beggars and their state-of-affairs.

We are always in search of somebody of our level.
Are we here for partying or entertainment purposes?
Life of a human being is not to please the ‘mind’ or ‘mood’ but to do service to ‘soul’. Because soul is the particle of God and God realization should be the ‘aim and objective’ of life.

Same soul exists in each and every human being. Whether a beggar or a rich man. Why don’t we share the alms received from God with those who ‘have not’. The creator is one and we all are his creation. Whether rich or poor. Money cannot provide peace. If we are in search of real peace, then we should always help others who ‘have not’ , and not always please our ‘mun’.

In doing so, then one day God will be pleased with our deeds and will, perhaps merge our soul in him, if that is the aim of our life.

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