The world now needs a healing touch

Yoga for Wellness

These are the post pandemic times when wellness has become the most spoken, admired, coveted and desired word. Never has the quest for people to feel well, comforted, at ease within themselves, healthy, stress free and especially mentally calm been more flagrant. Years of living in so much unnecessary fear aggravated by an onslaught in the press and media of Covid related over-information have wreaked havoc. Erratic unstable work closures and lack of work, as well as changed work situations, have left millions financial depleted.

Spiritually this translates into accepting and realising that a new beginning, a new reality is taking shape. Our ways of life were no longer sustainable. This itself is a vast subject, but suffice to say that insane working hours and demands as well as many levels of unrealistic living, have suddenly become redundant. Many are questioning their lifestyles.

Recently statistics have shown waves of resignations in Europe and elsewhere and also scores wanting to go back to smaller cities or towns in nature seaside mountains, or living off the grid, or trading their cushy corporate jobs for countryside ones.

Irrespective people want to feel well as they did few years or decades back. They’re willing to make drastic changes in their professional and personal domains just to get there. What matters and what does not are shifting dramatically and many want a balanced harmonious and peaceful living – even if a little divorced from too much technology .

Yoga, meditation, a zillion forms of healing are super fashionable and definitely the trends now. Massages, organic and natural beauty and healing products, Reiki, past life regression and also I know of people practicing Quigong, Taichi and Martial Arts to balance out . There will definitely be an enormous resurgence of all forms of healing in the coming years. It is the need of the hour and many more shall succumb to their magical mystical healing.

Image Courtesy: Yoga for Brain Health
Neera Nath

Neera Nath

Neera Nath, super creative, passionate artist, designer painter and animal earth lover. Sensual, sensory addict. Music, art, food, design, interiors, gardens and life, all fascinate her. Spiritual & Indo-French at heart Punjabi by soul. Four decades in design and many more spent living and loving wholeheartedly. On a quest for much more

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Kunal Ganeriwala says:

    The pandemic has given all of us survivors an opportunity to drastically change whatever is needed for a better and peaceful life, as explained by the author in detail.

    But my fear is that since public memory is short lived, we might forget about the sorrow this pandemic caused and get back in the ‘rat-race’ sooner than later.

    We (my family and me) have been fortunate to sail on the other side and feel blessed to have God’s ‘healing touch’!


  2. neera nath neera nath says:

    I feel irresective our beautiful mother eartb is demanding that we change our ways n become more holistic n less of a burden on it. Also past few decades we have moved too far from reality and our needs become too complicated. I donpray we do a re think

  3. Avatar Sanjay Roy says:

    The author has vividly described the true sentiment of heart of majority of people around and the irreplaceable losses of Covid will hant for those who were personally affected by the same. It is time for humanity to reset and reboot to go back to mother nature protect it, sync with it and take refuge in its lap or invite another catastrophic effect of disillusioned race of Human-Centered growth.