God Realisation


By Sunil Sarpal

God is great.  He is omni-present.  He is the embodiment of mercy for mankind.  His grace never vanishes.  It is our own karmas which bring a number of problems in our lives.  That’s why the suffering goes on unabated.  

Somebody has very rightly said  :-   “Shah Tusan Ton Wakh Nahin,  

                                                           Bin Shah De Dujah Kakh Nahin

                                                           Par Dekhan Wali Akh Nahin”

We are here to reap the harvest of our own karmas.  If we are inclined to reach God, then we have to go thru in a  channelised way.  And that way forward is Satguru Bhakti.  In Kalyug this course will lead to God realisation.  

In general, in this world cut-throat competition, human being is so much engrossed in making his two ends meet, putting aside bhakti of God.  He considers bhakti of God a waste of time and energy.  Let me put in more efforts in making money is the mantra in vogue.  Such an endeavour leads him no-where and he ends up as a man dissatisfied and disillusioned.  

Earning of wealth is also destined because it has a direct bearing on his past karmas.  

Characteristics such as competition,  jealousy subjects him to pathetic state of affairs and in the process he adds even more karmas.

First and foremost,  one should attach himself with Satsang.  Satsang is the stepping stone to bring himself closer to God in the ultimate analysis.  Satsang enables us to swap our bad habits/acts with good ones and teaches us lot of lessons.  The effects of satsang are just like turning a Crow into Peacock.

Guru Bhakti connects us with God  and the medium is Satguru.  

In this Kalyug,  this is the channel to be followed for God realisation.  

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