How to make your body a ‘Temple of living God”

Bulleh Shah

By Sunil Sarpal

In this article, I like to dwell upon ways and means thru which this human body is turned into a Temple of Living God.

Bulleh Shah, a sufi faqir, when interested in realising God, he went to his Satguru who was working in his farms. Bulle Shah asked his Satguru “How to realise God” ? His Satguru Inayat Shah gave him a very simple example – ATHON PUT KE TE OTHEY LANA.

This means that you switch your ‘mun’ from this world to within for God realisation.

In this yug which is called KALYUG, it is Naam Bhakti which can lead you from a simple mortal to a ‘Temple of Living God’.

Doing daily meditation of Naam can first cleanse your ‘mun’ and then pour ‘nectar’ in his frame. In this case, nectar means – shabd dhun. By doing daily meditation and listening to shabd dhun will guide you from being an imperfect human being to a perfection personified.

A perfect ‘mun’ has in it to turn a man to a Temple of Living God.

That is why it is said in satsang – Harimandir Aye sharir hai.

Only a human being is entitled to enter into the gates of heaven.

‘Naam Bhakti’ cleanse the heart from the filth he carries from ages.

‘Mun’ by nature, is slave to sense pleasure.

Listening to ‘shabd dhun’ leaves a lasting impact on the ‘mun’ to get rid of all impurities of mind and embrace good qualities of life. When the heart becomes pure then his persona becomes a ‘Temple of Living God’.

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