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Barren Roads

Covid19 – Lessons Learnt From a Life Forgotten/ Neelam Jain

While we wait with bated breath for this Covid19 to pass, we can only forget the lessons it continues to teach us both at physical level and also at a deeper existential, philosophical level, at our own peril.  In the latter half of this century when it is well behind us, and human race has the wisdom of hindsight, Covid19 may seem to be the one game-changer humankind desperately needed for course correction.

Green India Mission

Green India Mission is affiliated under the National Action Plan on Climate Change(NAPCC). Formally launched in February 2014. It aims to increase the forest cover by 5 million hectares and increase the quality of the existing forests in 10 years. A wonderful initiation by the government for protecting our dear nature and ecosystem.