A wing and a prayer for ‘Howdy Modi!’ – The Hindu

Photo: Reuters

The die has been cast for a massive rally by Indian Americans in Houston on Sunday, September 22, 2019 to honour Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rallies for Indian Americans have become larger each time Mr. Modi visits the U.S. ever since his appearance in the Madison Square Garden. No other Prime Minister of India has drawn as many people to such rallies as he has done in the United States.

An added attraction of the event is that President Donald Trump will become the first President of the United States to participate in a rally to honour a visiting foreign leader. He is likely to be accompanied by several Senators, Congressmen and others from both the parties. Several announcements, including some understanding on trade and other matters are expected. By all accounts, it is going to be game changing event in India-U.S. relations.

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