What is Paramatma?


By Sunil Sarpal

Paramatma defines as Param Atma (first soul).

When nothing existed, no creation, Param Atma appeared.  With his discretion, every thing was created vis

1)     Earth

2)     Ocean

3)     Sky

4)     Forests etc. etc.

The evolution of these and so many things was possible because Param Atma was all-encompassing and pervading.  It had the ‘creative power’.  Whether it be called as ‘creative power’ or shabd, it is one and the same thing. 

Shabd holds and manifests in each and every atom of this creation – that is why it’s existence is possible.  Satsang teaches when nothing existed, shabd was still there, and the shabd was with God or Shabd was God. 

When Satguru was questioned which path will lead to salvation from 84 lac yonies, he replied, any spiritual path which connects you to shabd dhun will lead to salvation. 

Human being in general is slave to sense pleasures viz Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar.  Attachment to sense pleasure binds a person to this creation which means birth – death – birth. 

On the contrary, detachment from sense pleasures leads to salvation.   Detachment to sense pleasures is possible thru the practice of ‘shabd dhun’- Celestial Sound

Shabd Dhun appears from right ear or third eye when we do daily meditation of Naam Bhakti, bestowed by time’s satguru. 

In a nut-shell, attachment to ‘shabd dhun’ detaches a person from sense pleasures.  A person, by virtue of his attachment to sense pleasures, is so much engrossed to them that he needs the company of Shabd Guru, who, thru his satsang keeps enlightening him of the benefits of meditation and resultantly ‘shabd dhun’.  In this process, the person develops some kind of love and devotion towards his Satguru

‘Shabd Dhun’ is so melodious that it takes a person to an altogether different wave-length.  By listening to ‘shabd dhun’ his attachment to sense pleasures starts fading on a gradual basis and moulds him into a Gurmukh. 

In fact, association with ‘shabd dhun’ entails a person to come into contact with Param Atma or God. 

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