Should human birth be wasted in mundane affairs?


By Sunil Sarpal

We are spritual beings under-going human experience

This is a very sensitive subject, but mostly people do not understand the importance attached to it.

Human form is at top of the ladder among 84 lacs yonies. Satsang suggests that it is rarely achieved after under-going birth experience in lower yonies. This opportunity of ‘human birth’ should not be wasted in mundane affairs, such as, running after money day-in and day-out,. Desiring riches such as big house, latest modelled car and craving for ‘smart image’.

In fact, emphasis should be laid on the race from ‘nar to narayan’.

Firstly, it is self-realisation which involves swapping your weaknesses into goodness.

‘satwik ahar’. Is the need of the hour. One should eat according to his appetite and not desire one tasty dish over other.

One should always keep in mind that the facilities
provided by God should be used rationally and justifiably. Money should be used not to squander it but to help others.

A human being should always vie for good habits, positive outlook and live within the four walls of a gentleman.

The ultimate aim of a man should be ‘god realisation’.

The path you choose should have the capacity to lead you to God realisation. Remembrance of God should be the top-most priority.

One should show utmost gratitude to his guru or deity. One should devote himself to bhakti on daily basis. One should have full faith in his guru or deity.

His guru or deity will come to his rescue when needed the most. He should have unflinching faith, love and devotion to his guru or deity.

If one goes about with above guidelines in mind, one day his bonding with his guru or deity will bring desired results.

Pls remember -. Guru bhakti jam ke Karo, pachche aur upai,. Balihare guru aapne jo Gobind diyo milai

Love God so that you realise him in human form.

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