Yeh Mele Kabhi Kam Na Honge – Afsos Hum Na Honge


By Sunil Sarpal

This sums up how this creation is evolved and running.  People come, zoom and go one day but the creation exists and function as it is.  

Some times the economy of USA will overwhelm,  sometimes it is China prosperous and and sometimes it is  Russia.    But Indian style of functioning is altogether a different kind of recipe.  India does not attack first, notwithstanding China’s aggressive and intimidating ploys and even not like Russian invasion of Ukrain.  But other nations do not take a leaf from Indian line of thinking and keep on beating their own trumpet the way they like.  

Although Pakistan is badly under debt but does not spare India from terrorist activities.

Most of the nations aspire a foothold on the moon but not bothered about two nations fighting  for issues which could be resolved thru dialogue or compromise formulae.    It takes years and decades to build a nation but an atom’s explosion can turn a nation into debris,  just like Hiroshima or Nagasaki.

Every nation wants to enrich itself with still more arms and ammunitions but cannot extend a helping hand towards a starving nation such as Pakistan.  

A speeding car often found whistle past a hungry beggar but there is no compassion or empathy on the part  of the car owner to  provide some food  for the beggar.  

This is the pathetic drama being enacted among human beings but nobody  gives any heed to the harsh reality of life that all the human beings are here because of God but some struggle to cope up with two times meal for their survival.  

Living in posh bungalow, eating non-veg and drinking liquor or wine is what a man aspires for.  Man knows that his stay here is numbered in years and one day he has to depart from this mortal frame.  People give a damn to this hard fact of life and keep on accumulating more and still more.

Satguru says ‘ Calling Ram Naam behind the last journey of a dead body does not entitle him to merge back in Ram.  One has to ensure that Ram Naam needs to be made an integral part of one’s life by doing daily bhajan simran and there is no other way out.  

People remain in the rat race of buying a latest modelled car or constructing a house in the hilly area, so on and so forth.  What about the creator because of whom we are here.  It is the creator, the God, who will take care of our soul back to its true home.  

What is the harm  living in the will of God and doing daily bhajan simran.  Why to keep running after more and still more pennies day-in and day-out.  


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