What are Spiritual terms such as; Santmat, Naam, Ruhani Desh; Satguru explains


By Sunil Sarpal

What is Santmat ?

Sant + mat  =  Teachings of Sant. 

Babaji often sums up in his discourse  –  NANAK KE GHAR KEWAL NAAM

What is Naam  ?

The words of Naam have been derived from the names of deities.  Above the eye centre of human being,  there are five Ruhani Desh and each Ruhani Desh has a separate deity.  So five Ruhani Desh have five different deities and the names of those deities form the NAAM. 

Satguru, in his satsang, explains that Naam  already exists within us, human beings.  The process of giving Naam Daan by Satguru to a devotee is just to channelise how to do bhakti.  How to sit in meditation and how to repeat those holy names, concentrating at the eye centre of forehead. 

In fact, the human body is the real temple of God.  But because ‘maya’ plays a pivotal role in human being’s life,  ‘mun’  has become slave to sense pleasure viz Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Ahankar. 

Human beings remain in the process of satiating one desire after the other and in this process keep accumulating N number of karmas.  In order to repay the karmic debt, human soul has to remain in the cycle of 84 lac yonies.  In which yoni a soul deserves birth is decided by kaal on the basis of karmas. 

Kaal is the driving force in this creation in which we live in.  According to our ‘karma’  Kaal Bhagwan decides what our soul deserves, be it human form,  animal yoni,  tree etc. etc.  from the living beings. 

‘Mun’  by nature, keeps accumulating karmas and resultantly the soul remains entrapped in changing one yoni after the other and this cycle goes on unabated. 

Satguru ,  in his satsang, often says  –  KARM JO TOON KAREGA USIKO BHOGNA BHARNA. 

How to break the hudoo of birth-death-birth ?


In human form only,  Naam given by time’s Satguru enables a human being to break the cycle of life-death-life by doing daily meditation.  

The soul then merges back to its origin i.e.  God wherefrom it descended to this creation. 

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