By Sunil Sarpal

It is a hard and well known fact that one day everybody has to leave this mortal frame.  Life therefore be treated as a dream run.  Sometimes the dream is good and favourable but sometimes it is a bad omen.  One has to undergo both good as well as bad phase of life in a sporting manner.  

The hard lessons of life should be learned on a serious note that this world is fraudulent and on false footing.  

It is karmic to be rich with abundance of material things at your disposable.  Similarly, it is also karmic to be a pauper.  Being a pauper should not be considered a sin.  Sinner is the one who always look at the world keeping ‘maya’ up-front.  

The title of the article  –  MUN TOON KYON GUMAN KAREGA

Why should I be so much obsessed with what I have.  Whatever I have, has been given by God.  Why should not I be indebted to God for what I have and feel his gratitude.  


One day, your body will perish.  You will lose grip on its strength.  From childhood to youth to old age and this sequence  will happen with everybody.  

This is an inevitable reality of life and finally this frame will end up in flames.  

The ‘soul’ keeps on traversing in 84 lacs yonies in accordance with his karmic debt.  

A question often seekers ask to Satguru  –  knowingly if so much pain and sufferings one has to bear then why God sent souls to this world.  To which, Satguru gives a very ambiguous reply that without going into the history, I can show you the way forward, how to break the cycle of life-death-life.  


Till the time it boils down to settling karmic account of a soul,  the soul keeps on traversing from one yoni to another.  Bhajan Simran has in it to clean up the karmic debt of a soul.  

In this yug which is called kalyug, people are so much entrenched in accumulating maya and in  mundane affairs that they do not have time going to satsang and listening to satguru’s teachings.  Satsang of ‘shabd guru’ is that forum where the nuisances of Naam Bhakti is explicitly explained in a systematized manner.  

Human form is considered top of the creation.  Breaking the cycle of birth-death-birth is possible in human form thru Naam Bhakti. 

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