Why we should have a healthy lifestyle


By Sunil Sarpal

A healthy lifestyle is a must to lead a life cheerfully. 

In the morning before sun rise,  visit the close by park for walk/jogging/running as per demands of your age/body.  Most of the parks these days have in-built Gym.  One can do exercise of your choice.  Never miss out on this regimen so that you may start the day in a vibrant and healthy ways. 

Consume a coconut milk after the work out. 

After a shower,  the breakfast should consist of milk and some ‘dry fruits,  apart from what you prefer.  Avoid Paronthas and too much butter. 

Make it a habit not to eat between two meals. 

The lunch should always consist of Curd and Salad, apart from Roti, Sabji, Daal, Rice etc.  The food should not be spicy and oily. 

If because of the demand of your age, you feel like taking a nap, it is your choice. 

Tea in the evening accompanied by some biscuits. 

Avoid consuming food at dinner time and instead eat fruits, particularly seasonal ones.  and hot milk. 

Avoid food from outside. 

Always eat moderately and never indulge in over eating. 

Eat when you feel like and clean up your stomach once or twice in accordance with your routine. 

Dont eat non veg and drink liquor.  Stay away from the company those prefer such things. 

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar PL.Narasimham says:

    One should carve out his/her own regime, since no two humans – even if they belong to the same family – possess the same type of bodily constitution. So to say, there is no universal way to keep oneself healthy and happy. Yes, what is recommended is in good faith and should be respected. Also, lifestyles are different in different social set-ups…Like, for instance, for myself and my wife – now in the US, we cannot pursue rather same regimen of daily drill like we were used to back home. A change, therefore, in lifestyles, is inevitable…and we have to adapt ourselves to the dictates of society, language, culture , climate and the overall environment.

    • Avatar Sunil sarpal says:

      thanks for your response. I fully endorse your opinion. in my article I have touched upon finer points. if you apply them in your life, you will have a healthy body. life these days has become highly materialistic. in order to gain wealth, people ignore basic necessities of life and then pay the price. a rational outlook towards life should be adopted.