Empathy and Compassion

By Sunil Sarpal

We are living in an age (time) where we have literally forgotten the virtues of the above words. The above words are rendered meaningless and lost their significance in our lives. Running on a fast lane, perhaps, man has zeroed down to so much practical approach that humanity has lost its meaning and become a thing of the past. Where will such a scenario lead to, God knows.

God has created this creation and put human beings on top of the ladder. A human being should not dis-associate himself from ‘human’ nature by behaving and acting like an animal.

Both ’empathy’ and ‘compassion’ are an integral part of human life.

Human nature should not deteriorate to the level so that God starts challenging it by introducing deadly viruses such as Corona.

If all ‘yonies’ behave and act like what is expected of them, there cannot be any kind of unusual chaos we may have to counter with.

First and foremost, we should be good human beings then an Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, or businessman.

Love life to the fullest, so do with our brothers and sisters and always maintain peace and harmony all-around by shedding hatred and animosity.

If you find a negative a minded person, maintain a discreet distance from him and do make him realise that you do not belong to his type of creed

Discard the company of negative-minded people and embrace and propel goodness all-around. After all, we are human beings endowed with a sense of discrimination.

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